Management of Genitourinary Injuries in Patients with Pelvic Fractures

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Associated injuries frequently oeeur in patients who sustain fractures of the pelvis. Hemorrhage from intrapelvic vessels, rupture of the urinary bladder and avulsion of the membranous urethra in males are among the integral risks in this trauma. Non-operative methods of managing hemorrhage have gained favor in recent experience. The case records of 282 male patients with pelvic fractures were reviewed to evaluate experience with lower genitourinary injuries. Early recognition is important in bladder injuries, and surgical repair is advised, except in selected patients who may be managed by catheter drainage alone. Delayed complications of bladder injury are rare. Membranous urethral injuries entail a high risk of chronic stricture disease and sexual impotence. The rationale of early repair versus delayed repair of these injuries is discussed. The results in this series show advantage for delayed repair.

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