Phase Ia study of a hypoxic cell sensitizer doranidazole (PR-350) in combination with conventional radiotherapy
Interferon-α-induced pure red cell aplasia following chronic myelogenous leukemia
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Approach to a multiparametric sensor-chip-based tumor chemosensitivity assay
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Induction of apoptosis in human leukemia K-562 and gastric carcinoma SGC-7901 cells by salvicine, a novel anticancer compound
Evaluation of combretastatin A-4 prodrug in a non-Hodgkin's lymphoma xenograft model: preclinical efficacy
Platinum(II) and palladium(II) complexes with 2-acetylpyridine thiosemicarbazone: cytogenetic and antineoplastic effects
In vitro targeting of a cytotoxic analog of luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone AN-207 to ES-2 human ovarian cancer cells as demonstrated by microsatellite analyses
Phosphodiesterase 3 as a potential target for therapy of malignant tumors in the submandibular gland