Agents from amphibians with anticancer properties
From the podium to the patient: bringing the 2008 ASCO meeting to the clinic
Galloyl cyclic-imide derivative CH1104I inhibits tumor invasion through suppressing matrix metalloproteinase activity
ApoG2 inhibits antiapoptotic Bcl-2 family proteins and induces mitochondria-dependent apoptosis in human lymphoma U937 cells
Modulation of reactive oxygen species by antioxidants in chronic myeloid leukemia cells enhances imatinib sensitivity through survivin downregulation
Activity of lipoplatin in tumor and in normal cells in vitro
Interest of liposomal doxorubicin as a radiosensitizer in malignant glioma xenografts
Squalenoyl nanomedicine of gemcitabine is more potent after oral administration in leukemia-bearing rats: study of mechanisms
Reducing anti-DT IgG concentrations to improve the efficacy of a diphtheria fusion protein
Docetaxel plus oxaliplatin (DOCOX) as a second-line treatment after failure of fluoropyrimidine and platinum in Chinese patients with advanced gastric cancer
Targeting the mammalian target of rapamycin in myxoid chondrosarcoma
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