Methylene blue photoinactivation of RNA viruses
An optical thin film assay incorporating rhinovirus protease inhibitors as detector reagents
Identification of a novel CD4i human monoclonal antibody Fab that neutralizes HIV-1 primary isolates from different clades
Isolation and characterization of NMSO3-resistant mutants of respiratory syncytial virus
Persistence of mutations during replication of an HIV library containing combinations of selected protease mutations
In vitro selection of drug-resistant varicella-zoster virus (VZV) mutants (OKA strain): differences between acyclovir and penciclovir?
Mode of action of 2-furylmercury chloride, an anti-rhinovirus compound
Potent inhibition of respiratory syncytial virus by combination treatment with 2–5A antisense and ribavirin
Chemokine mRNA levels in mononucleated cells of HIV-infected patients before and after initiation of PI- versus NNRTI-containing HAART