Dipodascus capitatus, Dipodascus spicifer: Genomic characterization and : Genomic characterizationGeotrichum clavatum: Genomic characterization

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The G+C contents of 25 strains of Dipodascus capitatus, Dipodascus spicifer and Geotrichum clavatum were found to be heterogeneous on basis of derivative graphs of the melting profiles. Strains showing similar derivative graphs of the melting curve exhibited high levels of DNA homology (80–100%); strains showing dissimilar derivative graphs exhibited low levels of DNA homology (5 to 45%). Being considered separate taxa on basis of these parameters, D. capitatus, D. spicifer and G. clavatum could be identified by a combination of the key characteristics growth on xylose, cellobiose, salicin and arbutin.

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