Bensingtonia pseudonaganoensis sp. nov., a novel ballistoconidium-forming yeast species isolated from plant leaves

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Among the basidiomycetous yeasts isolated from plant leaves collected in different regions of China, two ballistoconidium-forming strains were revealed to represent an undescribed species of the genus Bensingtonia by conventional, chemotaxonomic and molecular phylogenetic characterization. Sequence analysis of the 26S rDNA D1/D2 domains and the internal transcribed spacer (ITS) region indicated that the novel species was located in the Agaricostilbum lineage and closely related to Bensingtonia naganoensis and Bensingtonia ciliata, with the former as its closest relative. The name Bensingtonia pseudonaganoensis sp. nov. is proposed (type strain: AS 2.2601T = CBS 10121T)

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