Antiviral effect of resveratrol in ducklings infected with virulent duck enteritis virus

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Duck enteritis virus (DEV) is a double-stranded DNA virus belonging to the alphaherpesvirinae subfamily of the herpesviridae. Although vaccines were wildly used in controlling this disease, some infection could still not be prevented and led to significant economic losses as a result of mortality and decreased egg production. However, there is no antiviral drug against DEV. Resveratrol was identified to exert its antiviral activity by inhibiting the DEV replication in preliminary investigations. In the present study, we confirmed that resveratrol significantly reduced the mortality of ducklings which infected with a virulent strain of DEV. With resveratrol treatment, the survival rate increased by almost 80% at 8 days post infection (dpi). Pathological symptoms of ducklings caused by DEV were also relieved by resveratrol. The virus load in blood and tissues were effectively depressed when compared with the untreated group. In the assay of immune cytokines, the resveratrol exerted a dual-regulation effect. These results suggest that resveratrol is expected to be a new alternative control measure for DEV infection.

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