Activity of bis(7-hydroxycoumarin) Mannich bases against bovine viral diarrhoea virus

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Some Mannich bases of 7-hydroxycoumarins (3–6) with piperazine or other amines bearing two secondary amine groups were prepared and tested against viruses representative of RNA families. All compounds were symmetrical and possessed two identical coumarin moieties with respect to one diamine. In the series of 7-hydroxy derivatives, 3a was endowed with a significant activity against BVDV. Then, some of these double Mannich bases were alkylated and acylated. Among the propyloxy derivatives, only 3f showed a modest activity against BVDV. Among the acyl derivatives, the p-nitrobenzoyl derivative 3i emerged as the most active compound; in this series, the p-nitrobenzoyl derivative 3j also exhibited good action against BVDV and modest activity against CVB-5. On the whole, the compounds presented here show some differences, with respect to previous studies in terms of SAR from similar Mannich bases of 7-hydroxycoumarin.

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