The PS Integrins Are Required for a Regulatory Event during Drosophila Wing Morphogenesisa

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The PS1 and PS2 integrins are required for morphogenesis of the adult Drosophila wing. Clonal analysis experiments have shown that both integrins are necessary to maintain adhesion between the dorsal and ventral wing epithelia. We have found that early in wing morphogenesis, the integrins are also required for a regulatory event, and this may explain why PS1 and PS2 must be expressed on opposite surfaces of the wing at the onset of pupariation. Overexpression of integrin subunits during this early phase can lead to separation of dorsal and ventral surfaces, and we present evidence here that this dominant phenotype (the Blistermaker phenotype) results from a gain of integrin function, as opposed to negative interference from free integrin subunits. A possible model for an integrin signaling requirement in the wing is discussed.

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