Application of Linear Circuit Models to Impedance Spectra in Irradiated Musclea

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We have applied a number of modeling schemes to previously reported in vivo electrical impedance measurements on irradiated and normal muscle in the hind legs of rats. Specifically, seven-parameter parallel pathways and embedded membrane circuit models have been fit to group averages of impedance spectra measured at different doses and time points. Correlations between histologically scored tissue sections and model parameters have also been determined. The results show that both models produce good fits to the experimental observations, especially in the case of the irradiated tissues. The correlations between histology scores and circuit parameters were, however, higher with the embedded model. Trends in the spectra and the model parameters were found to agree with the expected changes in tissue pathophysiology associated with the progression of tissue injury from radiation exposure. Quantitative correlations with specific histological criteria were less conclusive, suggesting that more information may be needed to refine the model architecture if model parameters are to be explicitly related to the types and extent of tissue damage induced by radiation treatments.

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