Magnetic Induction Tomography: A Measuring System for Biological Tissues

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A single-channel magnetic induction system operating at 10 MHz has been constructed. The system consists of an excitation coil and a sensing coil, between which different objects can be scanned. The eddy currents induced in the object cause perturbations in the sensed magnetic field, which are measured with a phase-sensitive detector with backing off of the signal to improve sensitivity. Scans were obtained for saline solutions with conductivities ranging from 0.001 to 6 Sm−1, encompassing the range for biological tissues. The imaginary part of the perturbation in the sensed magnetic field was found to be proportional to saline conductivity, consistent with theoretical prediction, and had a constant of proportionality of −1.2% per Sm−1. A filtered back-projection algorithm was used to generate tomographic images from the scans.

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