OXPHOS Supercomplexes: Respiration and Life-Span Control in the Aging Model Podospora anserina

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Recent biochemical evidence has indicated the existence of respiratory supercomplexes as well as ATP synthase oligomers in the inner mitochondrial membrane of different eukaryotes. We have studied the organization of the respiratory chain of a wild-type strain and of two long-lived mutants of the filamentous fungus Podospora anserina. This aging model is able to respire by either the standard or the alternative pathway. In the latter, electrons are directly transferred from ubiquinol to the alternative oxidase (AOX) and thus bypass complexes III and IV. We showed that the two pathways are composed of distinct respiratory supercomplexes. These data are of significance for the understanding of both respiratory pathways as well as of life-span control and aging.

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