PPE2 protein ofMycobacterium tuberculosismay inhibit nitric oxide in activated macrophages

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Although the pathophysiological role of PE/PPE proteins ofMycobacterium tuberculosisis yet to be fully understood, recent evidence shows that these proteins play important roles in antigenic diversity, as well as in host–pathogen interactions and mycobacterial pathogenesis. Most of the PE/PPE proteins are highly expressed in pathogenic bacteria, pointing to their role in the pathogenesis of mycobacteria. Here, we provide an overview of our work in progress on a specific PPE protein, PPE2 (Rv0256c), which may inhibit nitric oxide (NO) production in activated macrophages. As NO and its by-products are considered to be toxic to bacilli, it is possible that the bacilli recruit Rv0256c in order to inhibit higher production of NO during infection.

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