Localizing non-palpable breast lesions: the subtleties of selecting the right method
Bullying and harassment and ‘the looking glass self’
Bullying among urology trainees in Australia and New Zealand: lessons from a cross-sectional survey
Medicine in small doses
25, 50 & 75 years ago
‘ Sic transit gloria mundi ’: Gallipoli, a centenary reflection
Impact of visceral obesity on outcomes of laparoscopic colorectal surgery: a meta-analysis
Enhanced Recovery After Surgery protocols for radical cystectomy surgery: review of current evidence and local protocols
Mortality from acute appendicitis is associated with complex disease and co-morbidity
Ventral hernia and patient experience of an elastic girdle
Early experience and operative technique of robotic-assisted partial nephrectomy
Lymphadenectomy with radical cystectomy at an Australian tertiary referral institution: time trends and impact on oncological outcomes
Predictors of re-excision in wire-guided wide local excision for early breast cancer: a Western Australian multi-centre experience
Breast cancer survival in New Zealand women
Internal hemipelvectomy with reconstruction for primary pelvic neoplasm: a systematic review
Portal biliopathy: multidisciplinary management and outcomes of treatment
Prognostic factors for survival of patients with ampullary carcinoma after local resection
Factors influencing radioiodine uptake after thyroid cancer surgery
Thyroidal abscesses in third and fourth branchial anomalies: not only a paediatric diagnosis
Intradural extramedullary colorectal adenocarcinoma metastasis to the cervical spine
Two cases of NSAID-induced gastropathy and enteropathy of the ileum
Aortic wall destruction associated with a rare 11.5-cm ascending aortic aneurysm
How peculiar: the case of a rare tumour
Sinister cause of abdominal wall bruising
Re: Preparing surgeons for rural Australia: the RACS Rural Surgical Training Program
Surgical face masks: an old wives' tale?
Paediatric fractures in suburban Australia: a warning about monkey bars
Intrafocal light-emitting diode operating lighting: perspectives in trauma surgery
Colonic-type appendiceal adenocarcinoma: an intermediate prognosis between mucinous and signet ring cell adenocarcinoma
Alvarado scoring in primary health care: managing acute surgical workload at the source
Role of E nterobius vermicularis in appendicitis in children
Re: Mortality from acute appendicitis is associated with complex disease and co-morbidity
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