Seborrheic Keratosislike Melanoma With Folliculotropism

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Seborrheic keratosislike melanoma could be one of the most problematic melanoma simulators, and it may be incorrectly treated by electrocautery or cryotherapy. Dermoscopic examination of pigmented tumors improves the diagnostic accuracy in these challenging lesions. In these tumors, numerous comedolike openings are present.


A 34-year-old man was seen for a conspicuous pigmented lesion on his back that clinically resembled a seborrheic keratosis because of the presence of multiple comedolike openings. Findings from dermoscopic examination showed distinct melanoma criteria (atypical pigmented network, asymmetric globules and dots, and a blue-whitish veil), in addition to multiple comedolike openings. Histopathological examination confirmed a peculiar melanoma variant characterized by prominent folliculotropism and minimal radial spreading. This tumor was not associated with chronic sun-damaged skin.


Dermoscopy was useful in identifying a particular case of seborrheic keratosislike melanoma with folliculotropism, thus avoiding incorrect treatment.

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