Pupil Damage After Periorbital Laser Treatment of a Port-wine Stain

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The increase in the number of laser treatments has led to an increase in the number of therapy-related adverse effects. Herein we report a case in which long-term adverse effects occurred after periorbital laser treatment of a treatment-resistant port-wine stain using a long-pulsed alexandrite laser without protective eyewear.


A 33-year-old woman with a therapy-resistant port-wine stain was treated periorbitally with a 755-nm long-pulsed alexandrite laser after several treatment sessions with the pulsed-dye laser; she was not given protective eye shields. Within a few days of the session, she reported disorders in the motility of her left pupil and a painful sensitivity to light, which was not completely resolved after 12 months of follow-up.


We recommend that both patients and operators use protective eyewear with every laser procedure. When treatment is administered near the eye, eye shields should be placed behind the eyelid or a safe distance should be maintained between the laser and the eyeball by treating up to the orbital rim only.

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