Novel Use of a Delayed Chondrofascial Flap in Microtia Reconstruction

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ObjectiveTo describe the novel use of a delayed chondrofascial flap to increase auricular projection in microtia reconstruction.MethodsRetrospective survey analysis. Ten consecutive children with unilateral microtia without other craniofacial abnormalities were followed up for a period ranging from 6 months to 5 years after microtia reconstruction was performed with the newly described delayed flap. Individual patient reconstructed auricular projection measurements were compared with contralateral (control) auricular projection values.ResultsThe auricular projection measurements taken at the superior helix and the lobule approximated those of the control side as confirmed by t test.ConclusionThe newly described delayed chondrofascial flap buttresses auricular projection in microtia repair to approximate the projection values of the normal side.

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