Autologous Fat Grafting: Long-term Evidence of Its Efficacy in Midfacial Rejuvenation

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To provide quantitative objective data demonstrating the longevity and amount of volume augmentation in the midface obtained with autologous fat grafting.


A prospective analysis of all patients who underwent autologous fat transfer to the midface region at our private practice and were followed up for at least 1 year. Three-dimensional imaging was performed with a Canfield Scientific Vectra camera and software, with quantitative volume measurements evaluating the amount of postoperative volume change.


Thirty-three patients (66 hemiface-midface regions) were included in the study. The mean follow-up time was 16 months. The mean amount of autologous fat injected into each midface region was 10.1 mL. Overall, the mean absolute volume augmentation measured at their last postoperative visit was 3.3 mL (31.8% take). There was variability between patients in the volume amount and percentage that remained. Touch-up procedures were performed in 8 patients.


To our knowledge, this study is the first clinical quantification of autologous fat transfer and/or grafting in the literature that provides definitive evidence on the amount as well as the resultant longevity in the midface. Autologous fat transfer to the midface has definite long-term volume augmentation results. On average, approximately 32% of the injected volume remains at 16 months. However, some variability exists in the percentage of volume that remains that may require a touch-up procedure.

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