Auricular Keloids: Combined Therapy With a New Pressure Device

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To develop a new, custom-made pressure device that can be used with established designs as an adjuvant therapy for optimized treatment of auricular keloids.


Seven patients (4 males, 3 females; mean [SD] age, 22.6 [8.3] years) were treated with surgical excision and corticosteroid injection followed by application of our new auricular pressure device.


All patients tolerated the adjuvant therapy and wore the device overnight for 5 nights per week. Usage was not interrupted or cancelled. No recurrence was observed during the follow-up period (mean [SD] duration of follow-up, 24 [6] months). All patients were satisfied with the results; none described pruritus, pain, or dysesthesia.


Overnight usage of the new pressure device seems to be a safe and effective extension of established auricular keloid therapy with the potential for prophylaxis of recurrence.

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