Important surgical measures and techniques at cesarean hysterectomy for placenta previa accreta

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For cesarean hysterectomy with placenta previa accreta, “universally achievable” measures are required. We propose eight measures: (i) placement of intra-iliac arterial occlusion balloon catheters; (ii) placement of ureter stents; (iii) “holding the cervix” to identify the site to be transected; (iv) uterine fundal incision; (v) avoidance of uterotonics; (vi) “M cross double ligation” for ligating the ovarian ligament; (vii) “filling the bladder” to identify the bladder separation site and “opening the bladder” for placenta previa accreta with bladder invasion; and (viii) to continue to clamp the medial side of the parametrium or the cervix or employment of the “double edge pick-up” to ligate it. These eight measures are simple, easy, effective, and thus “universally achievable”.

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