Ovarian damage due to cyst removal: a comparison of endometriomas and dermoid cysts

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Surgical treatment of endometriomas and potential damage to the ovary have been debated. Studies have described the inconsistent risk of unintended removal of ovarian tissue when a cystectomy of an endometrioma is performed. We evaluated the risk of inadvertently removed ovarian tissue during surgery by comparing specimens of endometriomas and dermoid cysts removed laparoscopically.

Material and methods.

The material included 326 women in a retrospective cohort study at Rigshospitalet, University hospital in Copenhagen, Denmark from 2011 to 2013. Surgery was performed laparoscopically for 393 benign cysts with a diagnosis of either endometrioma (n = 294) or dermoid cyst (n = 99). The microscopic existence of ovarian tissue in the cystectomy specimens were compared and correlation between CA 125 and size of cysts was examined.


In total, 80.3% endometrioma cystectomies disclosed ovarian stroma compared with 17.2% of the resected dermoid cysts (p < 0.001). The difference was found despite skilled laparoscopic surgeons performing the procedure in the endometriosis cohort. A significant positive correlation between the size of endometriomas and the value of CA 125 was found (p < 0.009).


The risk of removal of ovarian tissue during laparoscopic surgery is significantly higher for endometriomas than for dermoid cysts.

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