Intraocular Neoplastic Cyst From Mucoepidermoid Carcinoma of the Conjunctiva

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An 89-year-old woman with recurrent conjunctival mucoepidermoid carcinoma developed intraocular inflammation and an elevated fundus lesion that simulated choroidal detachment in her affected right eye. Intraocular invasion of squamous cell carcinoma was suspected and the eye was enucleated. Pathologic examination of the enucleated eye showed intraocular invasion by conjunctival mucoepidermoid carcinoma that formed a suprauveal cyst lined with malignant epithelial cells. The patient developed an orbital recurrence 1 year later and underwent orbital exenteration. She died 2 years later from an unrelated cause. Conjunctival mucoepidermoid carcinoma can exhibit intraocular invasion and produce an intraocular neoplastic cyst.

Arch Ophthalmol.1998;116:1521-1523

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