Tissue Adhesion with Highly Concentrated Human Fibrinogen in Otolaryngology

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This paper summarizes a tissue adhesive system consisting of highly concentrated human fibrinogen and thrombin. The addition of blood-clotting factor XIII stabilizes the adhesive system against fibrinolysis. Although the adhesion system cannot and should not replace surgical suture, it provides valuable assistance in tissue synthesis and in local hemostasis, particularly in cases where conventional suture methods are especially difficult to apply. In addition to good adhesion, an elastic consistency, and good tissue compatibility, the adhesive is completely absorbed and, therefore, preferable to conventional tissue adhesives based on cyanoacrylate. The system has been used successfully in split thickness skin graft application, myringoplasty, repair of dural defects, hemostasis after tonsillectomy, and achieving an airtight seal in tracheoplasty.

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