Evaluation of Computerized Tomography, Cinelaryngoscopy, and Laryngography in Determining the Extent of Laryngeal Disease

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A prospective study of over 100 cases comparing computerized tomography (CT) and correlating these studies with photographic motion picture studies of the larynx, conventional tomography and contrast laryngography has been performed. The authors give illustrative examples of cases in which the CT scan has been documented as providing equal and oftentimes greater information concerning not only tumors, but also cystic lesions and traumatic lesions. With the newer technology, the reduced radiation (which is less than one half that of conventional tomography), and the decreased expense (now comparable to that of laryngography alone), eliminates the need for conventional laryngography and tomography examinations. The incorporation of motion picture documentation of the lesions allowing future comparative studies between the original lesion and the CT are recommended for a more accurate retrospective classification and assessment of therapeutic results.

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