Location of the Preepiglottic Space and its Relationship to the Paraglottic Space

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An investigation was carried out to determine the location of the preepiglottic space (PES) and its relationship to the paraglottic space (PGS). Excised human adult larynges served as materials for this study. The distribution of the PES of the larynx was determined histologically in 3 whole organ serial sections: sagittal, horizontal, and coronal. The results are summarized as follows. 1) The PES exists not only anterior, but also posterolateral and inferolateral to the epiglottis. 2) Its posterior end is located in the vicinity of the anteroposterior midpoint of the thyroid lamina. 3) The PES is adjacent to the PGS posteroinferiorly and is separated by fibrous tissue (the thyroglottic ligament). Posterosuperiorly, the 2 spaces are not clearly delineated from each other.

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