Corniculate-Cuneiform Flap for Reconstruction in the Extended Vertical Partial Laryngectomy

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The extended vertical partial laryngectomy involves removal of the vocal cord and adjacent arytenoid cartilage. Arytenoid sacrifice predisposes the patient to postoperative aspiration, since adequate laryngeal closure during swallowing cannot be accomplished. Various techniques have been previously described for reconstruction of this defect. We present five patients who had reconstruction of this area with a local, mucosally based corniculate-cuneiform flap. All patients were decannulated, had no long-term aspiration, maintained socially acceptable voice quality, and had no tumor recurrence with a minimum of 3 years of follow-up. Our preliminary data suggest that this flap can be used in previously irradiated patients. The corniculate-cuneiform flap is an effective method of reconstruction in patients undergoing an extended vertical partial laryngectomy.

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