Diagnosis and Therapeutic Management of Iatrogenic Parotid Sialocele

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Salivary gland sialoceles are relatively common and may be a complication of trauma with a penetrating salivary gland injury or may be a complication of salivary gland surgery. The development of new diagnostic tools such as magnetic resonance sialography and endoscopic techniques has led to further improvements in the clinical and diagnostic assessment of this condition, and botulinum toxin therapy has recently been described in the management of parotid sialoceles. We here report the case of a 41-year-old patient with an unusually complicated parotid sialocele following an unsuccessful attempt to remove a stone located in the distal third of Stensen's duct. Magnetic resonance sialography and sialoendoscopy were used in order to obtain an adequate diagnostic assessment. The patient underwent extracorporeal lithotripsy that led to partial symptom regression. After the development of a parotid abscess, he received antibiotics and a botulinum toxin type A injection that induced spontaneous drainage and disappearance of the symptoms. Magnetic resonance sialography and sialoendoscopy are promising new diagnostic techniques for better noninvasive management of iatrogenic sialoceles.

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