Role of Computerized Dynamic Posturography in Evaluating Sinugenic Vertigo

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Vertigo associated with rhinosinusitis has seldom been reported, and the pathophysiologic mechanism is still vague. Our aim was to evaluate sinugenic vertigo with computerized dynamic posturography (CDP) and suggest a possible pathophysiologic mechanism.


We conducted a prospective study of 16 patients with a clinical and radiologic diagnosis of rhinosinusitis made between January 2007 and December 2008. All patients underwent CDP on the first 2 days after diagnosis. Patients with abnormal CDP results and/or complaints of vertigo underwent follow-up CDP when healthy.


Five patients complained of a new onset of vertigo. The CDP demonstrated a combined disorder in 3 of them, even though the vestibular signs were intact. On follow-up examination, all 3 patients were asymptomatic, and the follow-up CDP values were normal.


We report a surprising 20% prevalence of sinugenic vertigo associated with abnormal results on CDP. Our results might possibly indicate that the somatosensory system of the paranasal sinuses plays a major role in the pathophysiologic mechanism of sinugenic vertigo.

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