Management of Upper Aerodigestive Tract Amyloidosis

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The aim of this study was to discuss the treatment options for upper aerodigestive tract amyloidosis.


Four patients with histologically confirmed amyloidosis were included in the study. All patients underwent surgical treatment. Three patients had laryngeal amyloidosis, and 1 patient had tonsillar amyloidosis.


Two of the cases of laryngeal amyloidosis were successfully treated with a combination of surgery and radiation therapy. One case of laryngeal amyloidosis was treated with surgery alone. The tonsillar amyloidosis was removed by tonsillectomy. None of the cases showed systemic involvement. Long-term follow-up of the patients showed no recurrence or evidence of systemic disease.


Surgical resection is the primary treatment for patients with upper aerodigestive tract amyloidosis. Radiation therapy is especially effective in cases of recurrent amyloidosis with submucosal involvement. Pedunculated polypoid lesions may be treated with surgery alone, and in cases of recurrence, irradiation following the surgical removal should be considered. Tonsillectomy is usually sufficient for treating tonsillar amyloidosis.

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