Phenotype of a Belgian Family With 6p25 Deletion Syndrome

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The 6p25 deletion syndrome is one of the many syndromes with both hearing impairment as well as vision impairment. However, the audiometric characteristics and radiological findings of patients with 6p25 deletions are only scarcely described in literature. This study focused on characterizing the audiometric and radiological features of a Belgian family with a chromosome 6p25 deletion.


To evaluate the hearing impairment, audiometric testing and radiological examination of the temporal bones in 3 family members with a 3.4 Mb deletion in chromosome band 6p25.


All 3 family members demonstrated slowly progressive sensorineural or mixed hearing impairment. Radiologic examination revealed thickened and sclerotic stapes in all patients and a minor internal partition type II of the cochlea in 2 patients.


There is a significant phenotypic variability within and among families with the 6p25 deletion syndrome. A thorough genotype-phenotype correlation is difficult because of the small number of affected patients and the limited clinical data available. More clinical data of families with 6p25 deletions need to be published in order to create a reliable and precise phenotypic characterization. However, our findings can facilitate counseling of hearing impairment caused by 6p25 deletions.

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