The Voice of Autoimmunity: Antisynthetase Syndrome Manifesting as Vocal Fold Bamboo Nodes

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Objectives:To describe a case of vocal fold bamboo nodes leading to the diagnosis of antisynthetase syndrome, a rare autoimmune disorder. To highlight the link between these laryngeal lesions and autoimmunity.Methods:A case of vocal fold bamboo nodes in a patient with long-standing interstitial lung disease is presented. The presence of these characteristic lesions prompted a rheumatologic workup that led to the diagnosis of a rare autoimmune disorder.Results:The patient was ultimately diagnosed with antisynthetase syndrome, a rare condition characterized by inflammatory myositis and interstitial lung disease. She was treated with steroids and immunosuppressive agents with improvement in her symptoms and clinical findings.Conclusions:Vocal fold bamboo nodes are pathognomonic signs of autoimmunity. Management consists primarily of medical treatment of the underlying systemic disorder. Intralesional steroid injection or phonomicrosurgical excision may be considered for refractory cases.

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