External Nasal Valve Repair in Children: Alar Batten Graft Reinforced by External Temporary Suspensory Suture

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Background:The nasal valve area is the narrowest point in the nasal airway. External nasal valve (ENV) collapse during inspiration occurs if external valve area is too narrow or its lateral component is too floppy.Patients and Method:Twelve patients (7 males, 5 females) aged 8 to 12 years complaining of nasal obstruction due to ENV dysfunction underwent surgical intervention using alar batten graft assisted by temporary external suspensory suture.Results:All patients showed subjective and objective improvement of the nasal airway. The mean Nasal Obstructive Symptom Evaluation (NOSE) was 14 ± 1.71 before surgery and 7.83 ± 1.47 1 year after surgery (significant improvement, p ≤ .0001). The mean Peak Inspiratory Flow Rate was 29.92 ± 4.46 before surgery and 42.58 ± 4.93 1 year after surgery (significant improvement, P ≤ .0001).Conclusion:External nasal valve collapse in children can be managed surgically by using alar batten graft. Temporary suspension suture can be helpful for supporting of the graft until complete healing occurs.

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