Strategic Planning Now Is Crucial to Future Success
Innovation: The Foundation for Change
A Few Minutes With Joseph Prosser
Special Thanks to the 2013 AORN Journal Authors
Educational Opportunities
AORN Position Statement on Advanced Practice Registered Nurses in the Perioperative Environment
AORN Position Statement on One Perioperative Registered Nurse Circulator Dedicated to Every Patient Undergoing an Operative or Other Invasive Procedure
AORN Position Statement on Perioperative Safe Staffing and On-Call Practices
AORN Position Statement on the Role of the Health Care Industry Representative in Perioperative and Invasive Procedure Settings
Forum and House of Delegates Agenda
AORN Surgical Conference & Expo 2014 Speaker Interviews
Does Preoperative Oral Carbohydrate Reduce Hospital Stay? A Randomized Trial
Introducing AORN's New Model for Evidence Rating
Developing a Strategy to Identify and Treat Older Patients With Postoperative Delirium
Boston Bombings: Response to Disaster
An Analysis of Surgical Smoke Plume Components, Capture, and Evacuation
Malignant Hyperthermia Crisis: Optimizing Patient Outcomes Through Simulation and Interdisciplinary Collaboration
Practice Models: Developing, Revising, and Adopting the Best Structure for Your Organization
Prevention of Surgical Site Infection: Beyond SCIP
Clinical Issues—February 2014
Evidence appraisal of Blandford CM, Gupta BC, Montgomery J, Stocker ME. Ability of patients to retain and recall new information in the post-anaesthetic recovery period: a prospective clinical study in day surgery. Anaesthesia . 2011;66(2):1088-1092.
Wrong Turn Through Colon: Misplaced PEG
Developing internal talent necessary to fill perioperative leadership roles
Surgical Conference & Expo 2014 offers dynamic learning and networking opportunities
Implementing change in the perioperative setting
A report from the AORN Board of Directors
From the Board: Let's go to the Surgical Conference & Expo 2014!