Thriving With Thankfulness
Faith: A Foundational Companion to Hope
Results of the 2015 AORN Salary and Compensation Survey
Overview of Key Infection Prevention Issues and Advances
Patient-Centered Care—Enhanced Recovery After Surgery and Population Health Management
The OR Environment—Hand Hygiene, Cleaning, and Clostridium difficile
Sterilization and High-Level Disinfection Update
Looking Forward—Infection Prevention in 2016
Ghost Surgery: A Frank Look at the Issue and How to Address It
Quality and Patient Safety Teams in the Perioperative Setting
Guideline Implementation: Radiation Safety
Guideline Summary: Radiation Safety
Free Flap Procedures for Reconstruction After Head and Neck Cancer
Hand Contamination, Cross-Transmission, and Risk-Associated Behaviors: An Observational Study of Team Members in ORs
Getting Ready for Emerging Perioperative Technologies
Guiding Novice Learners in the OR
Fostering a Culture of Safety: The OR Huddle
Clinical Issues—December 2015
Cleaning personal eyewear
Education requirements for advanced practice RN (APRN) first assistants
Degree requirements for entrance to an RN first assistant (RNFA) program
Wearing an arm cast in the perioperative setting
LEARNER EVALUATION Continuing Education: Clinical Issues
Evidence appraisal of Wei C, Yu Y, Chen Y, Wei Y, Ni X. Impact of warming blood transfusion and infusion toward cerebral oxygen metabolism and cognitive recovery in the perioperative period of elderly knee replacement : J Orthop Surg Res. 2014;9:8.
Educational Opportunities
CVC Removal: A Procedure Like Any Other
Avoiding near misses and never events
Preventing patient falls
Guideline for prevention of retained surgical items
IN FOCUS: A surgical black box to prevent mistakes