Anomotaenia barusisp. nov. andA. alata(Cestoda, Dilepididae) fromCharadrius dubius(Aves, Charadriiformes) in Slovakia, with comments on related species

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During a re-assessment of tapeworm collections from wild birds in Slovakia, two Anomotaenia spp. were recovered from the intestine of the little ringed plover Charadrius dubius Scop., 1786. One of them is described as Anomotaenia barusi sp. nov. The new taxon is distinguished from related congeneric species by the different shape and size of the rostellar hooks, the number of testes and the morphology of male and female reproductive organs. The other species was identified as Anomotaenia alata Spassky et Konovalov, 1969. The validity of this species has formerly been questioned because of its striking morphological similarity to the type-species of the genus, A. microrhyncha (Krabbe, 1869), described from the same host, Philomachus pugnax (L.). Present data revealed differences in the number and measurements of the rostellar hooks, the size of the cirrus-sac, the armament of the cirrus and the presence or absence of setae at the polar ends of the inner egg envelope, which supported the validity of A. alata. The finding of A. alata in C. dubius from Slovakia represents a new host and geographical record.

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