Syringoplutarchusia nordmanni, a new genus and species of the feather mite family Syringobiidae (Acari, Astigmata, Pterolichoidea) from the Black-winged PratincoleGlareola nordmanni(Charadriiformes, Glareolidae)

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Syringoplutarchusia, a new genus of the syringicolous feather mite family Syringobiidae (Pterolichoidea), is described based on a single new species, S. nordmanni sp. nov., collected from the feather quills of a museum specimen of the Black-winged Pratincole Glareola nordmanni Fischer, 1842 (Glareolidae). Absence of adanal discs and complete reduction of setae d and e on tarsi IV in males of the new genus is unique in this family. The highly elongated body shape of both sexes is most similar to the genera Plutarchusia Oudemans, 1904 and Paidoplutarchusia Dabert, 2003 but strong sclerotization of coxal fields and hypertrophied posterior legs with variously shaped apophyses resemble more advanced syringobiid mites, e.g. Syringobia Trouessart et Neumann, 1888. Syringoplutarchusia represents the first syringobiid from this host family. The taxonomic status of the new taxon is discussed.

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