Development of a multifunctional and efficient conjugal plasmid for use inStreptomycesspp

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A plasmid, pGB112, has recently been developed to transfer DNA from Escherichia coli to Streptomyces spp via conjugation. This technique made use of (A) E. coli replicon, (B) ampicillin (amp) resistance gene for selection in E. coli and thiostrepton (tsr) resistance gene for selection in Streptomyces, (C) a fragment of SCP2* replicon, (D) a 2.6 kb fragment of tra-cassette which consists of pIJ101 transfer gene (tra) and two ermE promoters, (E) a 0.8 kb fragment of oriT of (IncP) RK2. The results showed that this plasmid was able to transfer plasmid DNA from E. coli to Streptomyces coelicolor via conjugation, and that it could also transfer DNA between Streptomyces strains. Since this plasmid has both pBR322 and SCP2* replicons, it may provide a novel and useful method for genetic operation in E.coli and Streptomyces.

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