Online recovery of nisin during fermentation and its effect on nisin production in biofilm reactor

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An online removal of nisin by silicic acid coupled with a micro-filter module was proposed as an alternative to reduce detrimental effects caused by adsorption of nisin onto producer, enzymatic degradation by protease, and product inhibition during fermentation. In this study, silicic acid was successfully used to recover nisin from the fermentation broth of Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis NIZO 22186. The effect of pH (at 6.8 and 3.0) during adsorption process and several eluents (deionized water, 20% ethanol, 1 M NaCl, and 1 M NaCl + 20% ethanol) for desorption were evaluated in a small batch scale. Higher nisin adsorption onto silicic acid was achieved when the adsorption was carried out at pH 6.8 (67% adsorption) than at pH 3.0 (54% adsorption). The maximum recovery was achieved (47% of nisin was harvested) when the adsorption was carried out at pH 6.8 and 1 M NaCl + 20% ethanol was used as an eluent for desorption. Most importantly, nisin production was significantly enhanced (7,445 IU/ml) when compared with the batch fermentation without the online recovery (1,897 IU/ml). This may possibly be attributed to preventing the loss of nisin due the detrimental effects and a higher biomass density achieved during online recovery process, which stimulated production of nisin during fermentation.

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