Development of a specific PCR assay for the detection of Rhizoctonia solani AG 1-IB using SCAR primers

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The aim of this study was to develop a specific and sensitive identification method for Rhizoctonia solani AG 1-IB isolates based on phylogenetic relationships of R. solani AG-1 subgroups using rDNA-internal transcribed spacer (rDNA-ITS) sequence analysis.

Methods and Results

A neighbour-joining tree analysis of 40 rDNA-ITS sequences demonstrated that R. solani AG-1 isolates cluster separately in six subgroups IA, IB, IC, ID, IE and IF. A molecular marker was generated from a random amplified polymorphic DNA fragment (RAPD). After conversion into a sequence-characterized amplified region (SCAR), a specific primer set for identification of subgroup AG 1-IB was designed for use in a polymerase chain reaction (PCR). The primer pair amplified a single DNA product of 324 bp.


R. solani AG-1 subgroups were discriminated by sequence analysis of the ITS region. The designed SCAR primer pair allowed an unequivocal and rapid detection of R. solani AG 1-IB in plant and soil samples.

Significance and Impact of the Study

Sequence analysis of the rDNA-ITS region can be used for differentiation of subgroups within AG-1. The use of the developed SCAR primer set allowed a reliable and fast identification of R. solani AG 1-IB and provides a powerful tool for disease diagnosis.

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