Modified Field stain – rapid viability test forTrichomonas vaginalis

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We previously reported that Modified Field Stain (MF) can be used as a rapid stain for diagnosis. In the present study we extend the observation to include the stain as an alternative method to assess viability of the cells.

Methods and Results:

Six isolates of Trichomonas vaginalis were used to assess the utility of the Modified Field stain as a rapid viability test for T. vaginalis and to compare with 0·4% Trypan Blue dye exclusion test in three conditions; normal in vitro culture growth using Hollander medium, lysed in distilled water and treated with metronidazole. MF stain showed similar growth profile pattern as Trypan Blue dye exclusion for identifying viable cells of T. vaginalis. Although, Trypan Blue dye exclusion test is ready made, rapid and widely used in laboratory as reliable viability assay, however, the limitation using Trypan Blue is the dye was unable to show internal morphological changes during the parasite's transition from being viable to non-viable. On day 3 where cultures peaked the correlation factor of both assays done to assess the viability of parasites harvested from the controls, metronidazole and distilled water treated parasites were more than 0·9 respectively.


This confirms that MF staining does not only record permanently the morphological changes and retain internal structural details but also provides a reliable and rapid viability assay for the parasites.

Significance and Impact of the Study:

Therefore, in our study, Modified Field's stain may offer the researchers and laboratory technologists the opportunity to get the result on the same day and the most important thing is the ability to differentiate between viable and non-viable of T. vaginalis under three different conditions (normal culture, drug and distilled water condition). Modified Field's staining method enhanced the morphological identification of T. vaginalis compared to Trypan Blue dye exclusion.

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