Heterologous biosynthesis of artemisinic acid inSaccharomyces cerevisiae

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SummaryArtemisinic acid is a precursor of antimalarial compound artemisinin. The titre of biosynthesis of artemisinic acid using Saccharomyces cerevisiae platform has been achieved up to 25 g l−1; however, the performance of platform cells is still industrial unsatisfied. Many strategies have been proposed to improve the titre of artemisinic acid. The traditional strategies mainly focused on partial target sites, simple up-regulation key genes or repression competing pathways in the total synthesis route. However, this may result in unbalance of carbon fluxes and dysfunction of metabolism. In this review, the recent advances on the promising methods in silico and in vivo for biosynthesis of artemisinic acid have been discussed. The bioinformatics and omics techniques have brought a great prospect for improving production of artemisinin and other pharmacal compounds in heterologous platform.

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