A novel monoclonal antibody recognizing β(1–3) glucans in intact cells of Candida and Cryptococcus
Clinical isolates of Staphylococcus aureus from the Arkhangelsk region, Russia : antimicrobial susceptibility, molecular epidemiology, and distribution of Panton-Valentine leucocidin genes
Heat shock proteins 27, 60 and 70 as prognostic markers of prostate cancer
Higher FoxP3 mRNA expression in peripheral blood mononuclear cells of GAD65 or IA-2 autoantibody-positive compared with autoantibody-negative persons
Stereological quantification of tumor volume, mean nuclear volume and total number of melanoma cells correlated with morbidity and mortality
Prognostic value of COX-2 immunohistochemical expression evaluated by quantitative image analysis in colorectal cancer
Oestrogen receptor-β1 but not oestrogen receptor-βcx is of prognostic value in apocrine carcinoma of the breast
Absence of the AKT1 pleckstrin homology domain mutation in Japanese gastrointestinal and liver cancer patients
Renal oncocytosis and multiple papillary adenomas with oncocytoma as dominant nodule coexisting with papillary carcinoma in a patient with diabetic glomerulosclerosis, acquired renal cystic disease and B cell lymphoma
Somatic mutation of pro-cell death Bif-1 gene is rare in common human cancers
Undifferentiated carcinoma of the jejunum with extensive rhabdoid features : Case report and review of the literature