Production of antibody against saikosaponin a, an active component of bupleuri radix

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High titer rabbit polyclonal antibodies (pAbs) which show a specificity for saikosaponin a (SSA), have been generated. The immunogen used was a conjugate of SSA linked through its glucose moiety to bovine serum albumin by periodate oxidation method. The antibody titers obtained from two rabbits, innoculated with the immunogen, reached a plateau after the fourth and third booster injection, respectively. The specificity of the pAbs was determined by hapten inhibition assays using several SSA-like structures. SSA competitively inhibited the binding of the rabbit anti-SSA pAbs to SSA-ovalbumin on solid phase, a coated antigen on the well. The antibodies showed high specificity to SSA, exhibiting no significant cross-reactivity with any of SSA analogues tested.

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