Examining Patterns and Functions of Reminiscence in a Sample of Black Adults: Implications for Psychiatric Nurses

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The patterns and functions of reminiscence have been shown to be associated with mental health and well-being. The purpose of this study was to examine age and gender differences in the patterns and functions of reminiscence among a sample of Black adults. Multivariate analysis of variance findings revealed age and gender differences on specific reminiscence functions. Age groups > 70 scored highest on the Teach/ Inform function. Men reminisce more for Bitterness Revival while women reminisce more frequently to Teach/Inform and for Intimacy Maintenance. Results indicate there are age and gender differences in the reasons why and how often the participants in this study reminisce for a specific purpose. These findings are informative for psychiatric nurses in order to facilitate therapeutic reminiscence to improve the mental health and well-being of this underserved population.

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