Factors Affecting Suicidal Ideation Among Middle–Aged Korean Women in an Urban–Rural Province

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This study aimed to investigate the factors that affect suicidal ideation among middle–aged Korean women in an urban–rural province.


This study used a convenience sample consisting of 196 middle–aged Korean women who live in Gyeonggi Province. Data were collected between November 2013 and January 2014.


There were significant correlations among social relationships (r = − .18, p = .013), previous experiences of violence (r = .15, p = .032), subjective happiness (r = − .36, p < .001), depression (r = .44, p < .001), and suicidal ideation. Economic status, subjective happiness, and depression were found to have an effect on suicidal ideation (R2 = .26).


The study's results demonstrate that there needs to be greater focus on middle-aged women when considering mental health interventions in rural areas of Korea. The results may also contribute to the development of improved interventions for psychological health care.

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