Category 3 and 4 Controlled Drugs Users’ Perceptions of Participating in Drug-Abuse-Health Prevention Lectures in Taiwan

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This study was designed to explore Category 3 and 4 controlled drug users’ perceptions of participating in health-prevention lectures. A phenomenological approach was used. Twelve participants were interviewed after completing the lectures. Findings revealed five themes (1) mixed emotions; (2) self-development; (3) finding the lectures lacked practicality and relevance; (4) highlighting three stages for discontinuing drug-usage; and, (5) suggesting tips for the advancement of lectures. These findings could be used as a map to help health professionals understand drug users’ perceptions of attending health prevention lectures and provide insight into how young people might stop using drugs.HighlightsCategory 3 and 4 controlled drugs users experienced fear and helplessness before attending the lectures.Category 3 and 4 controlled drugs users experienced positive growth after attending the lectures.Self-awareness helps controlled drugs users realize drugs are unhealthy and living in a drug-free environment is better.It is important for controlled drugs users to find help from diverse sources and support systems.Interactive teaching and learning processes could improve controlled drugs users’ motivation during the lectures.

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