The Resilience Questionnaire for Bipolar Disorder: Development and validation

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The goal of this research project was to develop a new questionnaire to assess resilience in Bipolar Disorder (BD), the Resilience Questionnaire for Bipolar Disorder (RBD). To examine its psychometric properties, a sample of 125 patients diagnosed with BD and a comparison sample of 107 people completed the new RBD and established measures of generic resilience and health-related outcomes. Exploratory factor analysis for the RBD yielded a 23-item 5-factor solution, and confirmatory factor analysis indicated adequate fit indices. Internal consistency, stability, concurrent validation and known-groups’ validity were also supported. The RBD obtained higher responsiveness (6-month follow-up) than the generic resilience scale (BD sample). The RBD is a robust measure to monitor resilience in BD.HighlightsThe Resilience Questionnaire for Bipolar Disorder (RBD) is a new scale to measure resilience in Bipolar Disorder (BD).The 23 items that compose the RBD provide a single score and a score per each of the five domains.Domains of the RBD: self-management of BD, turning point, self-care, self-confidence, and interpersonal support.Psychometric analyses of the RBD were satisfactory in a clinical sample of patients diagnosed with BD.Patients recovered from BD scored statistically higher in resilience than the control sample and patients not recovered.The RBD is content specific and is more responsive to changes in resilience in BD patients than a generic resilience scale.

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