Rumination, Social Problem Solving and Suicide Intent Among Egyptians With a Recent Suicide Attempt

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The more complex influences of social problem-solving abilities and rumination—specifically brooding and reflection—on suicide intent is not well understood. We hypothesized that social problem solving would moderate the association between reflection and suicide intent, and mediate the influence of brooding on suicide intent. A convenience sample (N = 186) of individuals hospitalized for recent suicide attempt was interviewed, assessing suicide intent, social problem solving, brooding, reflection and depression. Brooding and reflection were positively associated with suicide intent. The mediating, but not the moderating, hypothesis was supported. Brooding was not significant (β = 0.15, t = 1.92, p = 0.06) with social problem solving controlled. Interventions to disengage rumination and improve social problem-solving skills are underscored.HighlightsBrooding and reflection were positively associated with suicide intent.Social problem-solving (SPS) abilities were negatively correlated with suicide intent.SPS abilities did not moderate the effect of reflection on suicide intent.SPS abilities mediated the relationship between brooding and suicide intent.

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