Nurses' perception of knowledge, attitudes and reported practice towards patients with eating disorders: A concurrent mixed-methods study

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Eating disorders are complex disorders requiring specialised care, thus knowledge and attitudes are crucial for management. This study aims to examine nurses' knowledge, attitudes, reported practice, and perceptions towards patients with eating disorders in Singapore. A concurrent mixed-methods study was carried out in Southeast Asia's only psychiatric unit with eating disorders programme. Twenty nurses were recruited using census sampling. Quantitative data were analysed with descriptive and inferential statistics, while qualitative data were analysed with content and thematic analysis. Certain personal factors were associated with nurses' levels of perceived knowledge. Different attitudes towards managing these patients were identified during interview sessions.HighlightsLack of Asian studies on nurses’ perception on knowledge, attitudes, reported practice on patients with eating disordersNurses’ high perceived knowledge versus low actual knowledgeNurses’ poor attitude towards managing patients with eating disordersNurses’ perception towards various aspects while caring for these patientsImplication towards clinical practice to improve patient outcomes were identified

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