The Mental Health Team: Evaluation From a Professional Viewpoint. A Qualitative Study

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Background:Health care institutions include workers who must operate in accordance with the requirements of the position, even though there are psychosocial influences that can affect the stability of the worker.Aims:To analyze the organizational culture of the team of professionals who work in the mental health network.Method:A qualitative methodology was used to assess a sample of 55 mental health professionals who have been practicing for at least 5 years.Results:“Team” was the overall topic. The subtopics within “Team” were: getting along in the unit, getting along with the patient, personal resources for dealing with patients, adaptive resources of team members and, resources that the team uses in their group activities.Conclusion:It was observed that the team does not work with a common objective and needs an accepted leader to manage the group. The definition and acceptance of roles can result in conflict. By increasing the skill level of each worker, the multidisciplinary team would be more collaborative.

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